Tuesday, June 23, 2009

0 :: indescribable feelings ::

wow... after sooo long, then the mood of updating my 'sleepy' blog is here again. n i'm not sure for how long the mood will be here. plus with the holidays that will be ended soon, i might have soo limited of tyme to update this freakin' piece of s**t. heee

aite, indescribable feelings. what happened to one of my frens had make me ponder of the uniqueness of something that you can called as 'crush'. remember david archu's song? yupp.
when we have slight feelings towards someone, especially to the one that we will faced everyday, everything will seems so wrong to you. sometimes u'll feel happy, contented and keep on smiling but sometimes at the same time, u'll feel insecure, depressed and hopeless. wow. HARD! mixture of feelings that will make you out of breath.
everyday, you will hope that person will talk, smile or even look at you. and when he or she does, dat's the time u feel like screaming hysterically, or even jumping up and down like a psychopath. haha...it's funny sometimes but it can happen when all the butterflies inside your stomach started to work.
personally i used to feel dat way but my crush will only be my crush. haha... no further progress i mean. however, i keep pushing my fren 2 take the first move as she knows that the other party actually have the same feelings. maybe sometimes, we can tell from the body language, facial expression and etc. haha.. i don't know coz for me, i can't hardly see any. haha. ignorance or denial? it depends. haha. but i really hope that things will work out as it plans and smoothly. i just don't want any tears, frustration or whatsoever as i really want her to be happy. *finger cross* hiii...you go gurl!!

p/s: hey, mind all the grammatical error again yeah. as i really need to work things out. hahah...i'm ashamed but i need this as a form of practice for me. coz i know i'm suxx big tyme. hahhaaaaa

Monday, June 8, 2009

0 :: doooo-it ::

blog ini berhabuk. yess.... due to my laziiii-ness n lost of interest..

i have lotssaaa things 2 share actually... but just like whut i said....interest?? kabaaaboommm.... poff** l.o.s.t....

current status : si miskin yang x punya wang...

reason(s): i dun need any reason...!! haha... ok, maybe laa byk benda nk bli with so lil' of money. dayyyuum.. plus tyme aku xde duit ni laaa gatai nk gi ke sana ke mari, hang out with org 2 org ni. so skang?? bankruptcy.... BIG TYME.... padan muka aku.

notakakikulagi : bkn sebelum prac mmg byk benda nk kena bli ke? kasut. baju baru. handbag. makeup. pen merah. bom tangan. rotan. kapak. kan??? byk 2.... duit oh duit...
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