Saturday, June 26, 2010

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It’s not natural for Virgo to undertake resolute actions. If their heart is caught, they take some time to think and don’t make important decisions. Love horoscope Virgo informs that this sign can’t stand any suspense and is afraid of uncertainty.

Virgo may fear that being pregnant with a child may deprive her of her feminity and attractiveness. But it’s not always so. In many cases Virgo becomes a wonderful mother, devoted to her children. Love horoscope Virgo makes believe she is ready to abandon her long dream of independence to create a happy family.

Virgo considers passion to be a weakness of soul that should be treated by mind. They are inclined to analyze their emotions, trying to minimize them by being rational, doubtful. They may even mock at their feelings and have long debates with their partner. In reality, they turn out to be more attached to a person than they imagine.

Love horoscope Virgo gives a striking definition: burning ice. A representative of this sign never opens his heart and conceals his real feelings. In fact, they think that actions can be more demonstrative than words. Tenderness may take humiliating forms. For example, Virgo claims to be faithful, not expecting the same the partner to do the same. And they keep the word. Virgo is looking for a relationship, where moral honesty, chastity and affection are highly estimated. If this relation is not found, Virgo prefers solitude.

There is a large number of singles among the representatives of this sign. Love horoscope Virgo foresees immense difficulties at the first stage of relations. Virgo is timid and reserved and is often at a loss when it’s necessary to show the feelings. Sometimes they loose an opportunity and come home lonely, suffering from unfulfilled desires. Or they may choose a simple ordinary relation that brings serenity but makes them stay indifferent. Being rather old, they may forget about everything in order to be lost in an incredible passion.

Virgo has a bent to stop at the last moment, when everything is practically done. So, some activities often remain unfulfilled.

Love horoscope Virgo predicts a favorable alliance with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, advises to avoid Aries and Sagittarius.

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